The Moab Story

Moab [mo-AB]

  1. A picturesque city in eastern Utah, known for Arches National Park.
  2. The birthplace of Moab Healthcare.

Moab Healthcare was born in response to the critical need for experienced OR & SPD resources.

Our co-founders formed the idea for delivering that service while vacationing in Moab, Utah. Surrounded and inspired by the beauty of the red rock canyons and natural arches, they decided their combined 50 years of perioperative experience could help hospitals bridge their OR and SPD talent gaps.

Today, Moab Healthcare provides hospitals nationwide with OR and SPD professionals they need to put patient safety first, improve outcomes, and keep their Perioperative Services departments running smoothly.

Our Difference

OR and SPD resource placement is our core area of focus. We deliver customized solutions to connect facility leadership or human resources with top talent quickly and efficiently.

Our recruiting approach is unique and we thoroughly vet every candidate before they join our talent network. We require all the appropriate licensures, credentials, and certifications and a minimum of 2 years experience for staffing assignments. Our solutions are designed to help hospitals overcome their hiring challenges and connect talent with opportunities where their skills and knowledge will be valued.

Increase Throughput. Reduce backlog. Develop a team built to last.

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