Hear from great people we’ve worked with.

….I have been with other travel companies, and they didn’t care for my needs and were just interested in the bottom line. I felt like all the service I gave the client was not appreciated. With Moab I get feedback and any issues are addressed right away. They are always ready to help day or night and even holidays. I really feel like I am are a part of the Moab family and we matter to our owners. Thank you, Jimmy, Steve and Stephanie. Working for Moab was a great decision for me, and I encourage others to join our team.


I took this traveling assignment with Moab after speaking with Steve and James who was straight forward about the job. I was checking other agencies and chose Moab because they were professional, followed up with me, and the pay packages were excellent. Moab Staffing personnel took care of business making the transition to come aboard easy… Mr. James Boyette and his staff are professionals and I am glad I have become apart of a Company that treats me like family instead of just a number. I will encourage anyone to come aboard and do your job well and Moab will stand by you and you will have a future with them. My family and I are enjoying the opportunity they gave me with no regrets.

Rodney G., Moab Healthcare Lead Tech