You Deserve to Be Treated Like a Valuable Asset

The OR is one of the most vital departments in any healthcare organization. Your role is critical to patient safety and surgical outcomes. We value our team for their commitment to high standards.

Sterile Processing is the engine of the operating room and plays a critical role in patient safety.  SPD professionals are an integral part of the perioperative team. We value your knowledge and skill, as well as your commitment to high standards.

If you’ve ever turned to a recruiter at a staffing firm to help to explore new OR and SPD job opportunities, and you’ve been frustrated that they really do not know your role – we understand.

Moab Healthcare is different. We only focus on the OR and SPD.

Owned and operated by perioperative professionals, we know your space.

Our Commitment to Candidates

When you partner with Moab Healthcare to find exciting OR and SPD career opportunities, we deliver:

  • Alignment: We recommend opportunities that meet your expectations and requirements.
  • Freedom: You are in control of your career. Choose the job and location that is best for you.
  • Respect: We respect your professional skills and abilities. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for our candidates and talent.
  • Support: We will give you all the details you need to weigh an opportunity, and we can provide advice and support as your career develops.

Ready to Upgrade Your OR and SPD Career?

Are you looking for exciting opportunities in great working environments? Are you ready to earn more, grow in your career and be treated like a true professional?

Then Moab Healthcare wants to hear from you.

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